Rules and conditions of the club before applying for membership

The new 90 day CPS scheme introduced on February 1, 2011 provides many benefits for the old car movement. However our CHVC members are concerned that some new applicants for membership will be joining our group just to gain cheap registration for their old cars, and that these applicants do not have a genuine interest in our hobby, or in participating in club activities. The CHVC committee has developed a process to manage new membership applications and this is detailed below.




Vehicles must be 25 years old and un-modified. Some allowance is made for practical and safe minor modifications to vehicles (detailed elsewhere and possibly changed from time to time). This club cannot issue SR plates for modified vehicles. New members can join the club without owning an historic vehicle. The emphasis should be on the applicant and not on the vehicle(s). A probationary period of 6 months will apply for new members.New member’s vehicles already on red plates can be transferred immediately to the CHVC register. Any other vehicles will not be eligible for red plates from the CHVC for 6 months. Changes of vehicle ownership and/or change of registration (eg: from full registration to club plates) requires a current roadworthy certificate.






Prospective applicants must be directed to the committee. They will need to fill in our new member application form (but not to provide any money upfront.) No existing member (incl. committee members) can promise club membership to applicants. On receipt of the Application Form for Membership, the committee will review the application at the next committee meeting, in an attempt to determine eligibility, eg other car club memberships, ownership of old cars, etc. If the application looks promising they will be asked to attend three general meetings and two runs/events so that they can get to know our club and we can get to know them. Applicants will also be reminded of their obligations to the club and the CPS system if they are accepted as members and allocated red plates for their vehicle(s) in the future. At the same time notification of the application will be published in the newsletter so that members will be made aware of this person’s application. Following the successful completion of these requirements, and the approval of the committee, the member will be asked to pay a full current year membership if they join between April 30 and January 31, and a full future year membership if they join in the remainder of the year. In addition there will be a $65.00 joining fee. The club will formally welcome the new member through the newsletter. Prospective members interested in joining the club, can click below to open the "Application for membership form" in PDF format, fill in the form and bring it with you to a club meeting.